Welcome, Adjuncts!

Welcome to UNC Charlotte!  We are so pleased to have you as a part of our 49er community.  This website exists to assist adjunct faculty in their teaching at UNC Charlotte by providing an overview of guidelines, policies, classroom guidance, and campus resources.  Please consider this is a broad overview to enlighten prospective adjuncts, guide newly hired adjuncts, or a quick reference tool for our more experienced adjunct faculty.  It is important that Charlotte’s adjunct faculty understand how much they are valued and the power that they hold on campus.  After all, our adjunct faculty make up a third of UNC Charlotte’s teaching staff!  We are here to answer any questions you may have as well as guide you on your teaching journey.  If you have specific questions about your teaching assignment(s) or departmental norms and procedures, please contact your department chair or program director. 

We are excited that you have chosen to teach at UNC Charlotte!

Policies and Guidelines

What University policies and guidelines should I be aware of?

Classroom Guidance

It’s time to get ready for the semester, what needs to be done?


What services are there to support me and guide my students?