Classroom Guidance

The first day of class. This can be as frightening a notion to a new faculty member as it is to their students. What should be in the syllabus? Do I allow food and drinks? How will I handle a (inevitable) challenging student? The classroom is the most vital aspect of a successful semester and by consulting the below resources, you can approach it prepared and (mostly) stress-free.


These suggestions are meant to highlight some potential problems or issues that might arise in today’s classroom. By including such policies in the syllabus, faculty members can clearly set forth their expectations for classroom behavior, and students will be duly notified of those expectations at the outset of the course. This list is by no means exhaustive but should offer a helpful starting place. You may also wish to check out these sample syllabi. Your department chair or director as well as any discipline-specific associations (i.e., the APA for psychology course assistance) can serve as excellent resources as well.


VeriCite is a plagiarism prevention system that makes it easy to identify students who submit unoriginal work. It can also act as a powerful deterrent to stop plagiarism before it starts. VeriCite is integrated into Canvas for a nearly seamless user experience. Here’s an overview and additional links to answer any questions you may have about VeriCite. Should you choose to use this system in your classroom, you’ll need to make sure that students provide written consent and permission using the VeriCite Consent Form before any of their work may be submitted through it.

Academic Integrity

I shouldn’t have to explain that cheating isn’t allowed, right?  Unfortunately, no.  As a faculty member at UNC Charlotte, you have the responsibility to encourage and sustain the principles of student academic integrity.  Students should always cite their sources.  Often times, students may be unaware that they are violating the Code of Student Academic Integrity policy, particularly regarding copyright or plagiarism.  In the event that a violation occurs, here are guidelines to follow.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, visit the Academic Integirty Resources webpage and feel free to contact the Dean of Students Office directly for assistance.


Each instructor determines the classroom policies (including attendance regulations) for their courses. Students are expected to attend punctually all scheduled sessions in the courses for which they are registered. There are exceptions, however, such as those related to disability, religious accommodation, or other extenuating circumstances. See the Classroom Attendance policy for more details.

Disruptive Students

Faculty members are responsible for management of the classroom environment. Rudeness, incivility, and disruption are often distinguishable, even though they may intersect. Here are some strategies to correct and prevent disruptive student behavior. You may also wish to review some “what if” scenarios as the classroom can be an unpredictable place. These guidelines are not intended to be comprehensive but they should serve as a good starting point for faculty to “test” policies before they implement them and may help you consider consequences and/or alternatives before a similar situation arises. 


The OPSCAN (optical scanning) service offered by UNC Charlotte may be more commonly known as bubble sheet or Scantron testing. This service is to provide the scoring of standard answer sheets for tests or exams. Click here to find out more about how the service works, where to drop off or pick up, and other FAQs.

J. Murrey Atkins Library

Libraries are a wealth of knowledge and information. UNC Charlotte’s is no different. In fact, the Atkins Library has made mass amounts of resources available at your fingertips. Check out our Subject Librarians for assistance with course material. See how many available computers and workstations there are for you and your students by just clicking on the Library home page. Search hundreds of databases at once for academic articles to use in your classes. Or request additional information through interlibrary loan, article or book chapter delivery, and other library delivery services which are offered to improve your research abilities.

Barnes & Noble

The UNC Charlotte Student Union houses our very own Barnes and Noble bookstore. The main floor of the bookstore is dedicated to books, calendars, 49er gear, snacks, drinks, etc. The downstairs level is home to all of the faculty requested textbooks. To request any books you plan to use in your classes, go here to peruse options, see what other schools are using, and order your final choices.  The bookstore takes care of the rest!  Feel free to email if you have any questions about the process. 

As an added bonus, faculty and staff receive 20% off of all purchases at the bookstore, so be sure to show your 49er ID when you check out!

Classroom Support

Audiovisual Integration and Support for Learning Environments (AISLE) provides real-time classroom assistance for faculty experiencing any high-tech or low-tech difficulties. If you encounter difficulties in your classroom, call 7-5500 from a campus phone or 704-687-5500 from a non-campus phone. Choose option 3 for Classroom Support.  If you have an issue that prevents the normal continuation of your class, they will make every effort to arrive within ten minutes to help resolve the problem.  If you are in one of campus’ many smart classrooms, there is an intercom on the podium that will link you directly to their helpful support staff.